Videography is not an option

So, you’re making one of the biggest decisions of your life, and tying the knot with the person you love the best. You’ve gone over all of the details, selected just the right venue, dress, and even plastic ware for your event. Literally every detail has been covered, including photography. You heard from a friend whose cousin got married three months ago that there’s this phenomenal photographer that will cut you a deal and shoot the ceremony and reception for only $2,500.00. You quickly pay your $500 deposit to secure her for your nuptial exchange. Then it hits you one day when the dust has settled, and you’re going through your pictures, perusing your memories of the now blurry day; like a sack of old potatoes it smacks you right in the face. Why didn’t you get video?

The pictures are outstanding; re-touched and vibrant, but this isn’t quite how things went. Sure it was a beautiful day, the best perhaps, but these stills are sweet like candy; good for a rush, but lacking sustenance. You don’t just want to remember the day, you want to relive every insane moment in real time.
I tell every bride that videography is not an option. If you’re willing to spend even $1,000.00 on photography, you should be willing to spend at least $500 on decent video. It used to be that filming a wedding was much more costly, and far less attractive, but technology has come a very long way in just a few short years. Forget the home video look that most weddings had a decade ago. Today, with the aid of DSLR still cameras it is possible to produce gorgeous, film quality, soul wrenching spectacles to delight the eyes and feed the spirit. It’s like having a Hollywood production about your day for a fraction of the cost.
The secret lies mainly in the optics available and the capture method. It’s now possible to use the same lenses that capture amazing stills on the cameras capturing 24 full, high definition frames per second, giving the finished product an amazingly film-like quality. It’s like having full motion photos that are every bit as stunning as those produced by the photographer, but retaining the depth and feeling of the moments they depict.
One of the biggest reasons to get a good videographer is audio capture. Who doesn’t want to hear their first song, their crazy uncle’s bizarre toast, and, of course, their spouse’s vows? This simply isn’t possible with photos alone. With quality microphones, recording gear and a trained audio technician, your video can really come to life in a way that photos never will.
Most videographers also offer editing packages that include a consolidated promotional video of the day, and some have even begun to offer pre-event mini-documentaries for the bride and groom.
With so many premium services to offer, at what is typically lower than the cost of photography, videography is not an option, anymore.

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